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Alumna Anne Smedinghoff Is a Beautiful Soul

March 14, 2019

Who was Anne Smedinghoff '05 -- and why does Fenwick High School have an annual, government-service lecture in her memory?


Six years after her tragic death, "I still see Anne everywhere in my life," says Friars and St. Luke's classmate Kevin Roche '05, including along his regular running route in River Forest.

It was about the time that Anne was killed that a show called “The Newsroom” came out. Aaron Sorkin started his hit HBO show with a piercing diatribe by the star Will McAvoy, contesting, “America is not the greatest country in the world anymore.”

I concur; polarizing viewpoints from those that refuse to find the middle ground, lackluster statistics on our health, academic performance, and mass incarceration, and embarrassing stories about our elected leaders are a few of the examples that have me nodding along with the tirade. The character played by Jeff Daniels ends his rant hopefully with, “but it can be.”

Anne is my ‘but it can be.’



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