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Merit Based Scholarships

Merit Based Scholarships

Fenwick High School is pleased to announce our 2020-2021 Merit Scholarship opportunities. 
Each year Fenwick is fortunate to attract talented and gifted applicants from the entire metro Chicago area. Our entire academic community is pleased with, and excited by, the results of our entrance exam each year. This allows us the opportunity to give recognition to high-performing applicants through our Saint Dominic Society of Scholars. These academic grants will allow talented students the opportunity to thrive in an environment we consider an academic lighthouse of the 21st century.
St. Dominic Society Criteria

Students who perform within the 95th through 99th percentiles on the Fenwick Entrance Exam will receive academic grants based on their respective individual performances.

Anthony Lawless Award- $4000 Renewable each year.
St. Thomas Aquinas Award- $3000 Renewable each year.
St. Catherine of Siena Award- $2000 Renewable each year.
In addition to the awards listed above, African-American and Hispanic-American students scoring within the 90th through 99th percentiles may qualify for two additional scholarships.

St. Rose of Lima Award (Hispanic-Americans) - $2000 Renewable each year.
St. Martin de Porres Award (African-Americans) - $2000 Renewable each year.
Please see the Tuition Assistance section of our website for information on need based tuition assistance.