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Attending Fenwick/entrance exam make up

Entrance Exam Make-Up

The entrance exam make-up for the class of 2021 will take place Saturday, January 28, 2017 at 8 a.m.


Students are eligible to take the Fenwick Make Up exam only if they have not tested at another Catholic School.


Students who are interested should contact Joe Ori at or (708) 386-0127.


As a college preparatory school, Fenwick admits 8th graders who demonstrate the academic potential to succeed at Fenwick High School and eventually in a four-year college or university. While it is important to understand that Fenwick is a selective high school, it is equally important to understand that Fenwick seeks well-rounded young men and women who not only excel academically, but also possess leadership qualities. A selective admission process assures that the students accepted will be able to do well at Fenwick if he or she puts forth the necessary effort.

Entrance Exam Process

In order to gain admission at Fenwick High School, you must take the exam at Fenwick on the scheduled exam date.

A request of an applicant’s middle school standardized tests and report cards will be made after the child sits for the exam.

There is no pre-registration.

The student should bring No. 2 pencils and the $25 examination fee (cash or check made payable to Fenwick High School)

Students will be tested on reading, grammar and mathematics skills.

Calculators cannot be used for this exam.

Enter the building though our parking lot entrance on East Avenue.

Students should dress comfortably for the exam.

Students will be dismissed between 11:30 a.m. and noon.

Families will be notified of the student's admissions status via mail after February 15. Results cannot be disclosed prior to that date.