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iPAD Lease To Own Program

  • Who is eligible?

    The Lease to Own program is available for students who receive tuition assistance and any other student determined to be eligible by the Principal.

  • How the Program Works?

    Fenwick will lease new iPads to qualifying families for a period of one year. The Lease-To-Own Program will not cover lost or stolen iPads nor will insurance be supplied. If a Lease-To-Own iPad is lost, stolen or damaged, the family is responsible for repairing or replacing the iPad.

    A parent of a child who qualifies will agree to pay to Fenwick High School 10 monthly payments of $60.00 (or lower, depending on pricing from Apple) for one year. At the end of the payment plan, Fenwick will turn over ownership of the iPad to the respective parent for a payment of $1.00. 

    If a student leaves Fenwick before the end of the lease program, the parents have the option of buying out the lease or returning the iPad to Fenwick.
    The Lease-To-Own Application can be obtained from the Technology Office or download following the link below. In order to ensure that the school can secure iPads for this program, parents must submit the Lease-To-Own Application no later than June 15th.


  • Who owns the iPad?

    Until the parent/guardian buy out the lease from the school, the iPad is the property of Fenwick High School.

    Lease to Own Application