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The goal of theological study at Fenwick High School is for the student to find God as the source, center and end of his/her life. As a school guided by Dominican values and traditions, Fenwick, and especially the Theology Department, is pledged to the following:

  • Dominican education is grounded in Truth, especially the Truth who is Christ.
  • Dominican education seeks to instill a respect for and understanding of the human person.
  • Dominican education is a liberal education, which equips and allows the student to find and pursue his/her own vocation.
  • Dominican education teaches by word and example a love and trust for the Church and a love for the Sacraments and the role of Mary in our tradition.
  • Dominican education promotes an authentic Catholic culture and thereby enables students to appreciate all that is good, true and beautiful.
  • Dominican education stands ready to support the family as domus ecclesiae.


Theology is the heart of the curriculum of Fenwick High School. It is the study of this Sacred Science, which sets Fenwick apart from all other schools. All students, regardless of their particular religious affiliation, who attend Fenwick study four years of Theology.

Offered Courses

  • Theology I: Scripture
  • Theolgy II: The Mission of Jesus Christ and Sacraments
  • Theology III: Moral Theology
  • Theology IV:  Interreligious Dialogue (may be taken for college credit) and Dominican Spirituality

The particular gift of an education in the Dominican Tradition approaches the study of Theology not merely as religion (our love of God) but the science of Theology (our knowledge of God). The gift of faith merges our love and knowledge of God into the practice of our faith. The study of Theology leads students to put into practice what they have learned as they experience Christ within themselves and in the people they meet.

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Fr. Chris Johnson Fr. Chris Johnson Social Studies/Theology Teacher  
Fr. Richard Peddicord, O.P. Fr. Richard Peddicord, O.P. Fenwick President and French Teacher  ext. 301
Patrick Mulcahy Patrick Mulcahy Theology Teacher  ext. 236
Rhian Jeong Rhian Jeong Theology Teacher  ext. 105
Sheila Regan Sheila Regan Theology Teacher  
Michael Slajchert Michael Slajchert Theology Teacher  ext. 261
Fr. Matthew Strabala, O.P. Fr. Matthew Strabala, O.P. Theology Teacher  ext. 188
Br. Joseph Trout, O.P. * Br. Joseph Trout, O.P. Theology Department Chair  ext. 242
Hope Z Hope Z Theology Teacher  ext. 192
Kaitlin Hasenbeck-Meyer Kaitlin Hasenbeck-Meyer German/Theology Teacher  ext. 274
Dr. Jonathan King Dr. Jonathan King German/Theology Teacher  ext. 157
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