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The Mathematics department goal is to instruct students at their capacity for intellectual knowledge and to prepare them for aesthetic appreciation, in-depth study, and critical thinking. The department aims to develop students' understanding of mathematical concepts, relationships, techniques and deductive logic, along with the precision and aesthetics involved in the study of mathematics, especially involving computer and calculator-based applications. The student who understands mathematical processes and content, as well as the value of mathematics, will be able to function efficiently and responsibly in our ever-changing society.



  • Advanced Placement courses in Calculus (BC and AB levels), Statistics and Computer Science
  • For those students ahead in the Honors sequence, special courses in Honors Multivariable Calculus, Honors Differential Equations and Honors Linear Algebra
  • A new Technical Drafting course using Computer Aided Drawing (CAD), an especially useful course for those planning careers in engineering, architecture, interior design or construction management
  • Careful placement of each student in the best possible course each year based on past performance in math courses

Junior High School Math Competition

School/Individual scores were emailed to school proctors.  Please reach out to your school to see how your student(s) and school performed!  If for some reason the proctor does not have the scores, have them email Mr. Barabasz (

Click Here to View the Recorded Awards Ceremony

Department Extracurriculars

Math Competition Club

Saturday, November 3 - annual Junior High Math Contest, schools may enter a 6-person team plus individual entries, or 1 or more individual students may enter under a school’s name, pre-registration required
Monday, May 17 - placement exam for rising freshmen who wish to try to place into honors math, pre-registration required. Please click here for a practice packet, and here for the solutions to that packet. Note, this packet is for those incoming freshman looking to get into the freshmen honors course, Honors Algebra 2. 

Department Honors

Mr. Kevin Roche received the Rising Star Teacher’s Award, 2016, from the Chicago Archdiocese Math Teachers’ Association

Mrs. Maria Nowicki received the Master Teacher's Award, 2017, from the Chicago Archdiocese Math Teacher's Association

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 StaffJob TitlePhoneContact
Matt Barabasz Matt Barabasz Instructional/Technology Coach & Math Teacher  ext. 244
Eleanor Cain Eleanor Cain Assistant Principal  ext. 330
Mary Cusack Mary Cusack Math Teacher  ext. 138
Toni Dactilidis Toni Dactilidis Math Teacher  ext. 226
Roger Finnell * Roger Finnell Mathematics Department Chair  ext. 217
Bozena Kopf Bozena Kopf Math Teacher  ext. 116
Raymond Kotty Raymond Kotty Math Teacher  ext. 230
Jerry Kribs Jerry Kribs Math Teacher  ext. 255
Maria Nowicki Maria Nowicki Math Teacher  ext. 238
Kevin Roche Kevin Roche Math Teacher  ext. 283
Diane Sabbia Diane Sabbia Math Teacher  ext. 262
David Setum David Setum Computer Science/Physics/Math Teacher  ext. 227
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Roger Finnell

Roger Finnell

Department Chair

ext. 217