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Learning Resource Program


The Learning Resource Program is designed for students who have the ability to achieve academic success, but require individualized support in accessing the rigorous college preparatory curriculum Fenwick High School offers. Students are accepted into our program in various ways. First, some students come to us with an existing IEP, 504, or qualified professional plan that details academic accommodations based off of a specific diagnosis. Second, some students receive a new diagnosis during their time at Fenwick from a private psychologist, psychiatrist, or other qualified medical professional. Third, some students are part of a case study screening completed by our neighboring public high school (Oak Park and River Forest High School). The aforementioned information is gathered and reviewed. Eligibility for services is then determined. Eligible students receive accommodations as part of an Academic Achievement Plan. The Learning Resource Program staff, along with the students’ class counselors, has helped hundreds of students reach their full potential by teaching them new learning strategies as well as lifelong independent, time management, and organizational skills. ​

Program Goals

  • Provide a supported learning environment for our students;
  • Provide students with strategies that will enhance their self-advocacy skills as well as their self-esteem;
  • Provide students with strategies that will increase academic and organizational skills in each area of study; and
  • Foster respect for diversity as outlined in the Gospels.

Support Services Provided:

  • Students who are found eligible for accommodations at Fenwick High School are offered 50% (time-and-one-half) extended time on all assessments and preferential seating within the classroom;
  • A variety of testing accommodations on the ACT, AP exams, the PSAT and the SAT;
  • A structured study hall emphasizing proper organization and executive functioning strategies; and
  • Currently, approximately 100 students qualify for and use accommodations at Fenwick High School.

Uses of Technology:

  • The Learning Resource classroom is equipped with a Clevertouch Digital Whiteboard.
  • Fenwick High School is a 1:1 iPad school and students make use of several applications that aid in
    • ​Organization;
    • Time management;
    • Study skills;
    • Written expression with use of speech-to-text features; and
    • Reading comprehension with use of audio and text-to-speech features.



Meet the Experienced Staff

Grace David and Kyle Kmiecik are both full time, certified, special education teachers.

Grace David ‘08

Learning Resource Coordinator

(708) 386-0127 ext. 129


Grace Lilek David

I grew up in LaGrange Park, attended St. Francis Xavier and then Fenwick. My educational and spiritual experiences at Fenwick encouraged me to pursue a career in education. I graduated from Fenwick in 2008 and went on to pursue History and Education degrees at Marquette University. I was always interested in working with individuals with special needs. I volunteered, for many years, with my uncle who was active with Special Olympics Illinois. At Marquette, I joined the Best Buddies Chapter. I was first a college buddy, then became a board member, and eventually became the Special Events chairperson for our chapter. After graduating from Marquette, history teaching positions in the Chicagoland area were few and far between. I began to interview at area schools for a slightly different role, and therefore, my first year teaching was spent in special education. 

I worked at a school for children on the autism spectrum in Hoffman Estates, IL: The Chicago Education Project, later renamed The Bancroft School. This experience led me to pursue my masters degree in special education. When the opportunity to teach part time at Fenwick came up, I knew I had to jump on it. After my first year at Fenwick, Mr. Groom moved me to my current position in the Learning Resource Program, alongside Kyle Kmiecik. I spent my entire educational career in Catholic schools; I value, and believe in, this unique mission. I also believe support services for students with special needs are important, and currently lacking, within Catholic schools. By allowing the Learning Resource Program to grow, Fenwick has yet again solidified its role as a trailblazing school. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this program and work with so many wonderful students and their families.


Kyle Kmiecik ‘00

Learning Resource Coordinator

(708) 386-0127 ext. 118


Kyle Kmiecik

My family moved to Elmwood Park when I was 6 years old. My brother Kellen and I attended St. Vincent’s in River Forest, and then Fenwick. I graduated from Fenwick in 2000, and I received a degree in Sports Management from Southern Wesleyan University in South Carolina. However, it was through baseball that I found and developed my passion for teaching and coaching. After college I continued my baseball career and lived in South Carolina, South Dakota, Michigan, Florida, New Jersey and in Utah for two years working for Zinger Bat Company. However, it was my experiences while volunteering at a juvenile home and at Challenger Little League in Michigan, as well as, working as a truancy officer at a high school in Utah that led me to pursue a career in education. 

Soon after my baseball career had ended, I attended National-Louis University, where I met my wife Brittney. We earned our Master’s degrees in Special Education, along with an LBS 1 (Learning Behavior Specialist) certification. After graduate school, I learned about a student support program at Fenwick that was started by Rena McMahon (class of 2000). In 2012, I was hired as a Learning Resource Coordinator, as well as, to coach baseball and soccer. One of our goals was to provide more support for our freshmen in regards to their transition to high school. We believe that it is important for our students to learn specific skills and strategies that they will use throughout high school and after they graduate. In 2017 Grace David joined our student services team as a Learning Resource Coordinator. Grace and I work together with our Student Services team to support our students in and out of the classroom. I’m very thankful to work with the Student Services Department, our incredible teachers, administrators, our students and their families. 


"Looking back, it has been essential to have people in his very competitive academic environment who have believed in our son, and never gave up on him. Our son needed Mr. Kmieick and Mrs. David, as they kept him focused and kept faith in him even when his confidence waned...Each small success gave way to bigger successes. Thank you."

A parent of a student in the Class of 2020; included in the program for four years. Read More


"I appreciate this opportunity to say "thank you" to Fenwick for providing the services of both Grace (Lilek) David and Kyle Kmiecik this year.  After sending two daughters through Fenwick, we knew it was an outstanding high school both academically and spiritually. My husband and I were just unsure how they would be able to handle the special needs of our third daughter. She was diagnosed and received treatment for "anxiety" since she was 6 years old.  By 4th grade...she received a 504 plan to help accommodate for her special needs..."

- Parent of a student in the Class of 2022; included in the program for two years. Read More


"The high school experience is an increasingly stressful time in the lives of young people.  While students should be learning to be accountable and advocating for themselves, they need guidance to make a successful transition.  The Learning Resource Program provides experienced and compassionate advisors to aid in this transition, supporting students together with their parents while empowering the students to more confidently take ownership of their experience."

- Parent of a student in the Class of 2021; included in the program for three years. Read More


"Our son has been very well supported by Fenwick’s Learning Resource Program and especially by Mrs. Grace David.  He is a very dedicated student and works very hard for every grade. Having ADHD makes his task even harder. Fenwick has been great about providing extra time for tests and finals for him.  The extra time is crucial for him. All of his teachers have supported the extra time. He knows all he needs to do is speak with each teacher about the time he needs and they will make it happen for him."

- Parent of a student in the Class of 2020; included in the program for four years. Read More