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Kairos is a nationally recognized Catholic retreat program for high school seniors. It is a two-and-a-half day off campus retreat experience. The word Kairos translates here as God's time, and it is an opportunity for our students to get to know God, themselves and others in a deeper way.

This is a student-run retreat in that a core team of 12 seniors who have made their own Kairos are trained to put on the retreat for their peers. They are assisted by a team of six adults, many of whom also give talks on this retreat.


Many seniors say that their Kairos experience is their best experience at Fenwick. It furthers our Dominican goal of producing leaders for the future. It brings the senior class together and forms lifelong bonds of friendship.


We hold six Kairos retreats a year, plus six 4th Day celebrations where the retreatants can renew small group friendships and pray for the next retreat leaders. This is in addition to the preparation sessions for the leaders.

2019–2020 Kairos Assignments

Below is the link for the registrant list for all Kairos retreats for the 2018-2019 school year. Months are listed in each tab of the Google Sheet. So find your name and the month that you have been assigned. The current retreat is always listed below. Anyone who did not sign up was assigned to the open spots. Mr. Roche will generate a waiting list for retreats that are full, should a spot open up later. Please e-mail Mr. Kevin Roche if you want your name on any waiting list.

March Retreat List

Class of 2021 Kairos