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Fenwick Science Contest 2016


The 40th year of Fenwick’s Junior High Science Contest was a huge success! On Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016 we had 538 students from 38 schools participate in our contest. 

Fenwick has developed an exam that models the expectations of the Next Generation Science Standards and includes questions that are modeled after questions found on standardized exams from states around the country. The science department has also created a 100-question practice exam for teachers to use to help their students prepare for the contest and to help develop curricula.

The science department provides presentations, demonstrations, and mini-workshops for teachers while the students are working.  The last four years have included:

a) a presentation by a UIC professor who developed NGSS programs around the city,
b) a demonstration of low-cost lab activities (with equipment give-aways) for junior high schools with limited resources,
c) a mini-workshop on using a microscope in the junior high classroom (again, with equipment donations), and this year,
d)  a presentation on using robotics in the junior high classroom.

The contest always includes a raffle of science supplies and every school walks away with something.

We hope to maintain the high level of participation in this program to continue to recruit students with high potential to succeed in the sciences and to prepare junior high students for a rigorous high school science program.

Contest Results