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The English curriculum at Fenwick is committed to exposing students to a wide array of genres, styles, authors, literary movements, means of critical analysis, vocabulary and writing skills. Dedicated to bolstering students’ ability to interpret and to communicate effectively, the English curriculum emphasizes skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.


Preparation for the verbal sections of the PSAT-SAT and ACT is incorporated into instruction at all levels.

All teachers in the department make themselves available before and after classes and often at lunch periods to help students achieve excellence in the classroom.

Multicultural and gender-diverse literature is a significant element in all levels of the English curriculum.

English electives, including AP Language and Composition, Broadcasting, Journalism, Creative Writing and Yearbook, cater to specific interests for students wishing to explore more deeply these particular areas of study.

To reinforce pursuit of these goals, Fenwick’s English Department stresses attention to the following areas:

  • Critical reading with an eye for detail and keen analysis
  • Examining literature through distinctive lenses
  • Recognizing major trends in the significant ages and movements of literature and distinctive characteristics of numerous genres
  • Recognizing characteristics of authors’ style and content
  • Memorization of significant works and recitation of them
  • Enriching students’ lives through close study of literature, its vast and unique worlds and its manifold themes
  • Building vocabulary through reading and listening as well as using new terms in writing and discussion
  • Proper discussion protocol and discussion skills
  • Ethically and soundly arguing and supporting theses and claims (written and spoken)
  • Using appropriate and reliable sources for research and documenting them ethically using accepted conventions
  • Understanding, recognizing, and applying conventions of proper English grammar, syntax, and usage
  • Developing and refining skills in academic and creative writing, from brainstorming to presenting

Department Extracurriculars

Department Honors

The English WYSE Team placed 1st in State

Fenwick Alumnus Mick Betancourt '92

Alumnus Mick Betancourt '92 talks with students about his career as a Hollywood writer, actor and producer during a recent visit to Fenwick high School.