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Christian Service Project

Interim Moderator

Mr. John Paulett,


The mission of the Christian Service Project is to provide an opportunity for Fenwick students to put their faith into action. It is an opportunity to meet Christ in the poor and marginalized of our community and an opportunity to serve others as taught by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

All Fenwick Friars participate in the Christian Service Project. Freshman participate in various projects within their Theology I class. Sophomores go out into the community as groups and participate in Sophomore Service Days. Juniors serve directly to their neighbor in need accumulating 30 hours of Christian service throughout the school year. Most projects are completed in collaboration with Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago.


As God's children, each of us must recognize how truly blessed and lucky we are. God has given us many gifts. The gospel message of Jesus Christ commands and compels us to share our gifts with others. As Jesus teaches us in the Gospel of Matthew, when we did it to the least among us, we did it to Jesus. Jesus sends us out on a mission to bring His love and mercy to the world. As a Catholic school and as a Dominican ministry, serving our neighbors in need is at the heart of what makes us Fenwick Friars.

What is Christian Service?

Christian service is direct personal service to our neighbors in need. It is much more than simply volunteering. Christian service is about bringing Christ to the poor through our service, through our presence, through our joy. By poor, we mean much more than just economic factors; the term “poor” embraces the suffering and pain experienced by our neighbors in a variety of ways. Our Christian service recognizes the need in others, compels us to mercy and action, and, in the process, brings us face to face with God. Like the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37), our Christian service focuses on direct one-on-one service to the poor all around us.

Additional Information

Additional Information can be found on the Schoology website. Students can click on “Groups / Class of (year) / resources / Christian Service Project.”