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ap art history



The study of art history allows students to discover and look at the world in which they live in a new and exciting way. The course covers the history of art from Global Prehistory through the Global Cotemporary period. Throughout the school year, we will learn about how people have responded to and communicated their experiences through art, as well as the historic and cultural contexts in which it was created. Students will be welcomed into the global art world as active participants, engaging with its forms and content as they research, discuss, read, and write about art, artists, art making, and respond to and interpret art.

This course will be structures around the big ideas and essential questions of the AP Art History Course and Exam Description. As part of the course, we will take field trips to the Chicago Art Institute, The Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, The Frank Lloyd Wright Studio, Mexican Museum of Fine Arts, and a walking tour of Chicago architecture.