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Bus & Shuttle Service Information
2021-2022 School Year

Shuttle service:

Western Suburbs (Naperville, Hinsdale, Western Springs LaGrange Etc.):

The Metra/Burlington Northern pickup will be in downtown Riverside (AM) and the drop off will be in Berwyn (PM).

Northwest Suburbs (Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Elmhurst Etc.):

The Metra/Union Pacific pickup and drop off will be at North Blvd / Marion St. in Oak Park.

  • Buses for the Metra Stations will also arrive before Period 1 and will be available after Periods 10 & 11.
  • The Activity Bus leaves Fenwick at 5:30pm.
  • Buses are limited to 48 students per bus on a first come first service basis.

Route Service:

South Route will use the following borders for its service run:

Central Avenue (east), 63rd Street (south), and will return to Fenwick along Harlem Avenue (west).

North Route will border Foster (north), Cumberland (west) and Austin Avenue (east).

Lake View Route – Lake Shore(east) Belmont (north) I-290 (south)

For students taking the Routes:

  • Students with paid registration will determine the bus routes.
  • Occasional riders will NOT influence bus routes.
  • Every effort will be made to schedule a stop within a few blocks of each student’s home.
  • Routes will be determined in August.
  • Temporary bus passes and copies of the routes will be sent out in August. Permanent bus passes for the 2021/2022 school year will be processed once ID photos are taken. Your I.D. is your bus pass.
  • North/South Route buses will arrive before Period 01 and will leave after Period 11. 
  • Occasional rider bus coupons are available for students on the Fenwick web site. The cost Coupons books are $50.00 for a total of 10 rides.  Coupons books are sold Online, please bring your receipt to the reception desk to claim your book.
  • Buses are limited to 48 students per bus on a first come first service basis.

Bus Registration will end on August 1st

South Bus Route $985.00 $620.00
Burlington Line Pickup $985.00 $620.00
Lake/Marion Line Pickup $515.00 $320.00
North Bus Route $985.00 $620.00
Lakeview Route $985.00 $620.00


All routes will require a deposit of $100.00 at registration.  The balance will be paid in 8 equal installments beginning September 2021 through April 2022.
Cost is based on the assumption that we will be returning to a normal school schedule provided that the CDC guidelines allow.      
Register online. You will need your UltraCamp login and password when registering. You can use this link to either set-up your account or to retrieve your password. 

Register Here