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Fathers' Club


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The Fenwick Fathers’ Club is a volunteer organization founded on October 17, 1932. On that day, six fathers of current Fenwick students each donated $25 to be used as an emergency fund for families experiencing hardships during the Great Depression. Membership in the Fathers’ Club is open to all adults who assume the male parent role in the life of a Fenwick student.

Throughout the school year, the Fathers’ Club sponsors a Freshman Family Picnic in August, a Friar Music Fun Fest for adults in November, a Family Mass in Advent, a Men's Religious Retreat during Lent and a Welcome Steak Fry for incoming fathers in May. Meetings are held regularly for social networking and dinner once a month.



The mission of the Fathers’ Club is to advance the ministry of Fenwick High School, to provide a social network, to enrich our faith lives, to facilitate communication and to serve the needs of our families.



The vision of the Fathers’ Club includes a welcoming atmosphere for families, a congenial social group for fathers, an opportunity for adult males to grow in their faith lives, compassionate support for families struggling with the loss of a parent through the Tuition Continuation Fund, clear and open lines of communication between the school and families, an outward manifestation of our appreciation for the work of the faculty and financial participation in the school’s Annual Giving program.



Fenwick Families can experience significant financial stress upon the death of a parent. The Fathers’ Club works with the school business office per its written policy to continue the tuition payments of families who experience such losses. This is the bedrock value of the Fathers’ Club. It speaks to the cohort responsibility that our adult males have for all the adolescents in our community. It is one of the ministerial characteristics that makes Fenwick more than just an excellent school. It is a faith community built upon enduring values transmitted across the generations. It demonstrates the social capital which binds our families together in the present and which will bind our alumni together in the future as they mature into their adult years. It makes the whole greater than the sum of the parts. For more information concerning the Tuition Continuation Fund, please contact the Fathers’ Club President, Frank Sullivan



If you would like to pay for your Fathers' Club 2020-2021 school year membership click on the “1 Year Membership” button.

If you are an incoming Freshmen dad and would like to pay for all four years click on the "4 Year Membership" button.
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