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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Fenwick continually promotes inclusion for all our students.  Please click the link and contact any moderator if you are seeking to join a club. Inclusion is Fenwick!  


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are pillars of our society. To celebrate this and cultivate harmony and respect for all students, educators must nurture diversity, equity and inclusion as a foundation for the high school experience. As an institution, we must cultivate these principals across the entire Fenwick community. Students enter their Fenwick experience carrying an assortment of beliefs. This may include racial and cultural prejudices, lack of understanding of other cultures, way of life or ability to relate to the experiences that others live. The Fenwick Community can help combat prejudice and racial discord by supporting the positive initiatives that promote understanding, diversity, equity and inclusion among students, their families, and ultimately instilling respect for all peoples. Fenwick will be bold in our actions.
Fenwick will lead in this initiative. 



Featured Soloist: Fenwick's Amber Cloud '23


During its Black History Month concert, the Chicago Children's Choir premiered "Freedom Calls My Name," featuring Fenwick's Amber Cloud '23 (Chicago). Ms. Cloud is the beginning soloist and has another solo after the second soloist.

Watch Amber

Fenwick Senior Vaughn-Regan Bledsoe Earns Full-ride to Duke University


Read More About Vaughn-Regan Bledsoe


Three New Evans Caddie Scholars for the Class of 2021


"We are thrilled to have awarded three Fenwick seniors full tuition and housing Evans Scholarships, with two still under review," writes Jeffrey Harrison, Senior Vice President, Advisory and Special Initiatives of the Western Golf Association/Evans Scholars Foundation (Glenview, IL). New awardees are Jason Cruz (from left, above) of Chicago, Cristian Garcia also of Chicago and Allesandra Zuleta of Cicero. "All three did a great job in their virtual interviews and their ES universities will be assigned in early March," Mr. Harrison adds. "Under review for our February 23-25 virtual ES Selection Meetings are Gabriella Cavalieri [Western Springs] and Rafal Sieklucki [Chicago]. It looks like another very successful year for Fenwick HS and the Evans Scholarship."



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Raymond Moland

Raymond Moland

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

ext. 309

Shafondra Matthews

Shafondra Matthews '01

Committee Chair: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Roberto Sepulveda

Roberto Sepulveda '93

Vice-Chair: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion