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Blackfriars Gala 2019




Thank you for helping make the 67th Annual Blackfriars Gala a success!

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Please contact Chris Guillen for your complimentary digital image by June 30th.  



2019 Honorees

Lumen Tranquillum

Bishop Robert E. Barron

Hall of Fame

Mr. j. Peter Brown '71

Mr. David L. Perry*


Hosted by the families of

Mr. Luke ’90 and Mrs. Katie McGuire

Mr. James ’71 and Mrs. Lynn Sullivan


2019 Awards & Induction Ceremony

Bishop Robert E. Barron
Lumen Tranquillum

Induction Speech

Q/A session with Fenwick Students

Mr. Peter J. Brown '71
2019 Hall of Fame

Induction Speech

Mr. David L. Perry 
2019 Hall of Fame

Induction Speech by Elizabeth Perry Timmons '04

Thank you so much to our generous sponsors!



Richard and Lisa Cederoth Foundation

Mr. Robert, Jr. '70 and Mrs. Loretta Cooney

Mr. Thomas A. Herbstritt, Jr.

X-Change Financial Access LLC




Mr. Pat and Mrs. Carol Fitzgerald

Mr. Jaime '76 and Mrs. Jill Javors

Mr. Rocco and Mrs. Roxanne Martino

Mr. Francis '71 and Mrs. Anne Roche



Mr. Raymond Bandziulis '76

Mr. Brian '77 and Mrs. Caroline Joss

Ms. Janice Pyrce and Mr. Gary Kagan

Mr. Kelly Welsh '70 and Ms. Ellen Alberding

Mr. Raymond, Jr. '55 and Mrs. Bridget Wicklander



Mr. Michael and Mrs. Tina Dillon

Mr. Peter and Mrs. Mary Mavrogenes

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kimberly Trucco

Mr. Richard '50 and Mrs. Marilee Wehman '50


A special thank you to our auction donors!


Mr. David and Mrs. Joan Brennan

Mr. Matt and Mrs. Meg Breslin

Mr. Andrew '89 and Mrs. Laura Bucolo

Mr. Joseph '89 and Mrs. Julie Calcagno

Mr. James and Mrs. Anne Carey

Mr. John III '87 and Mrs. Cindy Corcoran

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Tina Dillon

Mr. Ferdinand and Mrs. Ana Dimailig

Mr. Michael '77 and Mrs. Terri Flynn

Mr. Mark and Mrs. Sheila Gartland

Mr. David and Mrs. Tracey Gau

Mr. Patrick '97 and Mrs. Sarah Gibbs

Mr. Mark '82 and Mrs. Julie Gies

Mr. Daniel '90 and Mrs. Ally Hayes

Mr. Walter '84 and Mrs. Maureen Healy

Dr. Matthew and Mrs. Katherine Kelleher

Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Maria Kelly

Mr. Walter ‘88 and Mrs. Melinda Kelly

Ms. Catherine Mary Latz '09

Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Jennifer Lavins

Mr. Timothy '74 and Mrs. Alexis LeFevour

Mr. Brian and Mrs. Adria Mazzochi

Mr. Matthew '96 and Mrs. Elizabeth McNicholas

Mr. Daniel ‘82 and Mrs. Mary Carol Murphy

Palmetto Carriage Works

Mary Ellen Penicook

Mr. John '79 and Mrs. Mary Planek

Mr. Robert '91 and Mrs. Jennifer Polston

Providence College

Ms. Colleen Quinn '09

Mr. John, Jr. '76 and Kathleen Regan

Mr. Roger, Jr. and Mrs. Cathy Rhomberg

Mr. John, Jr. and Mrs. Lacey Sikora

Mr. Gene, Jr. '84 and Mrs. Mary Pat Sullivan

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kimberly Trucco

United Center

Villanova University Admissions Department

Waldorf Astoria Chicago

Mr. Jason and Mrs. Lisa Zenk


Make your nomination for next year's Hall of Fame and Lumen Tranquillum.

Hall of Fame

Lumen Tranquillum


Please contact Marilyn Nicodemo Frisz ’98 with questions by email or at 708-948-0307.