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A Friar Reunion in Madison!


Some Fenwick Friars who are now contributing to their Big Ten teams had a reunion of sorts yesterday in Madison, WI. 

Pictured are Hunter Clancy '16 (University of Wisconsin team manager, 2-year Fenwick varsity manager and statistician), Dylan Gresik '16 (Northwestern University team manager and Evans Scholar, 3-year Fenwick varsity manager), Scottie Lindsey '14 (Northwestern University player, 3-year Fenwick varsity player and team captain his senior year), and Mike Ballard '16 (University of Wisconsin redshirt freshman, 3-year Fenwick varsity player and team captain his senior year). 

"I don't think managing in any program would have prepared me more than Fenwick did. Our coaching staffs' method of scouting and scheduling is at the top of Illinois prep basketball and is as close to the Big Ten as it gets at the high school level," said Clancy.
"I came into college with 20 credits, which I earned from AP scores and placement exams. The demanding curriculum and continual expectation of excellence that I was given at Fenwick has allowed me to understand how to succeed at university and beyond," he added.

Friar Nation is proud of you all!

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