70th Annual Blackfriars Gala

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We are proud to announce that the 70th Annual Blackfriars Gala will be held at the newly renovated Old Post Office in downtown Chicago on April 28, 2023. 
The 1921 Art Deco structure designed by Graham, Anderson, Probst & White spans three city blocks and has been turned into a mixed-use space, including a rooftop park, stunning event space, fitness center, food hall, an extension of the Chicago Riverwalk, and offices. 
Nearly $1 billion was spent restoring, replacing, replicating and cleaning significant architectural features and readying the 2.8 million-square-foot limestone structure. Design giant Gensler, which oversaw the rehabilitation, was careful to preserve historic elements, such as original marble and spiral mail chutes, while modernizing the building with elements like green space and natural light.
We are happy to announce the honorees for the 70th Annual Blackfriars Gala. Robert J. Cooney ‘70 and Charles S. Wolande ‘72 will be inducted into Fenwick’s Hall of Fame, and the Fenwick Mothers' Club will be awarded the
Lumen Tranquillum.
Please join us in congratulating Bob, Chuck and the Fenwick Mothers' Club, all of whom have contributed so greatly to the Fenwick community over many years. 
Stay tuned for more details!
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 The 69th Annual Blackfriars Gala was a resounding success!

Lumen Tranquillum
The Class of 1996
Fenwick High School’s First Coed Class

Hall of Fame
Mr. Dennis J. Marani ’72
Mr. Ronald A. Van De Walle ’60
Hosted by the Families of
Mr. Frank ’72 and Mrs. Catherine Moroni
Mr. Walter ’60 and Mrs. Jane Morrissey

Watch the Awards and Induction Ceremony
 held Friday morning with remarks from our honorees


Evening Program featuring well wishes for our honorees


Thank you to our generous sponsors!

Mr. Chuck ‘72 and Mrs. Terry Wolande
Mr. Raymond Bandziulis '76
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Maureen Barry
Mr. Richard and Ms. Lisa Cederoth
Mr. Robert Jr. '70 and Mrs. Loretta Cooney
Mr. Thomas Herbstritt, Jr.
Mr. Donald '53 and Mrs. Joan Leone
Mr. Jay '76 and Mrs. Jill Javors
Mr. Noel and Mrs. Michele Moore
Mr. Walter ’60 and Mrs. Jane Morrissey
Mr. Michael '83 and Mrs. JoAnne Androwich
Mr. William Jr '60 and Mrs. Jean Divane
Mr. Terry '63 and Mrs. Mary Gallagher
Mr. John Jr '76 and Mrs. Kathleen Regan
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Deborah Romero
Mr. John Jr. and Mrs. Lacey Sikora

Mr. John Barron '76
Clare Holdings - Euclid Beverage
Mr. John III and Mrs. Colleen Horrigan
Mr. Brian '77 and Mrs. Caroline Joss
Ms. Jan Pyrce and Mr. Gary Kagan
Mr. William '72 and Mrs. Marta Krug
Mr. Jim '68 and Mrs. Maureen Marino
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Mary Mavrogenes

Hon. Catherine Adduci
Mr. Denio '75 and Mrs. Therese Bolzan
Mr. Thomas '76 and Mrs. Tracy Brooker
Mr. Michael '77 and Mrs. Terri Flynn
Mr. Anthony '76 and Mrs. Coleen Garippo
Mr. Jon and Mrs. Kara Keller
Mr. Walter and Mrs. Veronica Kosch
Mr. David and Mrs. JoAnn Lilek
Mr. John '74 and Mrs. Kathleen Nerger
Mr. Troy and Mrs. Megan Phillips
Mr. Philip and Mrs. Lysa Saran
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kimberly Trucco

Special Donors
Mr. David and Mrs. Tracey Gau
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Elizabeth Saunders
SavWay Fine Wines and Spirits

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We will see you at the next Blackfriars Gala in the
spring of 2023!

Please contact Marilyn Nicodemo '98 with questions by email or at 708-948-0307.
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