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47th Annual Fenwick Junior High Math Contest

Nine students from Bryan Middle School in Elmhurst participated in the Jr. High Math Contest at Fenwick High School. (Images courtesy of District 205.)

November 20, 2017

"Thank you to the 187 students -- from 27 schools -- who made this year's Junior High Math Contest at Fenwick a success," says Roger Finnell, chairperson of the Fenwick High School Math Department. Individual junior-high teachers have been sent a list of their students' scores. (See below for PDF links to all team and individual scores as well as names of top teams/individuals.)

Since 1970


Mr. Finnell has taught math at Fenwick for more than 50 years.

The 2017-18 school year marks the 47th consecutive year that Fenwick has hosted the competition, which was held on Saturday, November 11th.

"We hope to see your school back at next year's contest," Mr. Finnell wrote today in a letter to his junior high counterparts, "and your 8th graders at our entrance exam on Saturday, December 2."

Pre-registration is now open


Our 47th year!

Top Schools in Each Division (scores in parenthesis)

Division AA

  1. Paul Butler (292)
  2. Bryan (252)
  3. Hauser (227)
  4. Avery Coonley (205)
  5. McClure (194)
  6. Roosevelt (162)

Division A

  1. Sacred Heart (211)
  2. Francis Xavier Ward (200)
  3. Ascension (187)
  4. St. Mary (159)
  5. St. Luke (156)
  6. Our Lady of Peace (148)
  7. St. Francis Xavier (133)
  8. Immaculate Conception (124)
  9. St. Paul of the Cross (118)
  10. Visitation (114)
  11. St. John of the Cross (105)
  12. St. Cletus (97)
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