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2 Friars Reunite in the Navy

Navy Captain Jeff Oakley '88

Veterans Day: November 11, 2017

The U.S. Navy selected Fenwick Friar Jeff Oakley '88 to command a ship in 2009. "During my first pre-command course, about 30 Naval officers were arranged alphabetically in a classroom and, after introducing ourselves, went on break," Oakley remembers. "One officer two seats down also grew up in the Chicago area and looked familiar. We went through our various assignments before realizing that we had met at Fenwick, where we’d been classmates!"


USN Commander Steven Prescott in 2010.

Steve Prescott '88 and Oakley both took command of ships based in San Diego. "About a year into our command tours, we took a photo from the bridge wing of my ship, USS New Orleans, with his, USS  Vandegrift, in the background," Oakley reports. "I’ve since lost touch with him."

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