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Fenwick Varsity Baseball - 2014

Wednesday, April 16th 2014:

The Friars improved their record over this past weekend to 6-3, with a win over Kenwood Academy.  The Friars prepare for battle this week in the Catholic League against rivals Mt. Carmel (rescheduled for Tuesday, 4/22), St. Laurence, Brother Rice and Providence. 

These games will not only test our resilience, but also our ability to consistently make adjustments and our mental toughness. 

 Coming together is a beginning. 

   Keeping together is progress. 

   Working together is success.”

              ~Henry Ford


It is through our commitment toFenwick, our teammates, our families and most importantly to God that inspires and motivates us to better ourselves each day! 

Go Friars! 

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Being a Great Teammate:
by Mike Matheny of the St. Louis Cardinals
Here are 12 ways to make yourself valuable as a team member:

1. Be an "encourager" of others on the team - How do you know someone needs encouragement? If they are breathing!

2. Embrace change willingly - be part of the solution!

3. Remain positive when others are negative - "perpetual optimism is a force multiplier."

4. Laugh deep and smile often - let your light shine by putting your lamp on its stand.

5. Value other people’s opinions - seek first to understand.  People support what they help create!

6. Remain steadfast to vision and values - ROADMAP & COMPASS.

7. Be flexible with methods - form vs. function, are you wedded to your preference or more interested in results?

8. Genuinely love people - Vince Lombardi - "I don't necessarily have to like my players, but as a leader I must love them" -LOVE is respect, commitment, loyalty, teamwork. How you treat people really matters! Love is a VERB!

9. Give more than required - the world says "get all you can, can all you get, and sit on your can." that's not teamwork. Give all you can!

10. Think critically for improvement - when you are through learning you are THROUGH!

11. Have a servant’s heart - its not about YOU, its about those entrusted to your care!

12. Never gossip or talk bad about another team member -gossip destroys trust and tears down the team. Those who will gossip about others to you will most certainly gossip about you to others!



“Respecting the Game”

"The Coach is Always Right?" -

"Strong Arm and Long Toss" -

"Faith in Coaching" -


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