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Fenwick Business Council

The Fenwick Business Council’s (FBC) mission is to create a dynamic community where Fenwick family members who are involved in the business world can share ideas, core values and connections to the benefit of one another. Membership is comprised of alumni, current students, parents of students (past and present) and alumni spouses.

The FBC’s mission is to recognize, honor and learn from exceptional Fenwick family members who have distinguished themselves in the business community through enlightened thinking and applying the ethics and morals that are a part of Fenwick tradition. The FBC aims to be a beacon for Fenwick. As a result, the community at large is made aware of Fenwick’s tradition of excellence in education and professional development. It seeks to create a channel by which Fenwick Friars can contribute their time and talent to the Fenwick community and seek out opportunities to assist members in connecting with the vast network of successful business men and women who are part of the Fenwick tradition of excellence.

Just as members of the Fenwick family are Friars for life, the FBC serves as a lifelong resource for all Friars to assist them in furthering their professional development.


The FBC is always expanding as new members of the Fenwick family become aware of the Council. Our ranks include businessmen and women from all professions related to conducting commerce. Membership is $50 annually.

To join the FBC, please contact Director of Alumni Relations Programs Cameron Watkins at or 708-386-0127 ext. 162.


After Work Networking Events

The After Work Networking Events have been extremely helpful in expanding the opportunities for those who attended and are looking to do business with other like-minded Fenwick family members. Join our LinkedIn Group<> for the latest updates on events and ways you can get involved.

Career Day/Night for Students, Alumni and Parents

Annual Award Ceremony & Lunch