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Latin 2
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AP Summer Assignment:

1) Read:  the Aeneid in English, Fagles translation.  Focus on books 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12.  NB:  there is absolutely no substitution (such as summaries like spark notes) for reading the full version, and if you do not read the full version in English, not only will you do poorly on the first assessment,* but in my experience,  your entire semester grade will also suffer.  ISBN:  978-0-14-310513-8.  Use the summer reading guide, linked below.

*There will be an assessment over the reading the first week of school. 
2)  Study/review the “pull out” vocabulary at the back of the Boyd Latin text of the Aeneid.  The vocabulary is also provided in the link below.
3)  Highly recommended for summer (according to recent AP students), but will not be due until semester 2:  get acquainted with the required English Caesar reading by completing this, an excellent overview that I have borrowed from another Latin teacher, Mr. Sellers:
Use this!  Type in a word (any form) for parsing and meaning: